About us
Not just fund managers.
We are future makers.

VERGE is the world’s first venture capital fund focused on impactful global health technologies at their earliest stages. We invest in transformative technology that makes healthcare accessible, better in quality and efficiency, and reaches the underserved markets in Asia and beyond.
We work with startups on the verge of massively changing the world for good. We dedicate all our decades of expertise in technology, science, entrepreneurship and investment to bring better quality healthcare to those who need it most.
We believe in creating
a world of wealth

Far greater than many
would dare imagine…
A wealth of hope.
Of new paths unravelling
For investors, founders.
Dreamers and doers.
Possibilities not just for some – but for all.

A wealth of returns.
The rippling impact of good.
Prospering not just profits, but human lives.

Bottom-lines uplifting life-lines.
Equities driving equality.
Value that isn’t just added
But purposefully created.
Guided by our most sacred value of all:
Everyone’s right to greater health and care.

VERGE creates an affluence
Greater than any profit,
Grander than any return.

The wealth that VERGE will always
protect and immutably stand for:
Health: The Greater Wealth for All
The Greater Wealth
for All
Access to quality healthcare is, and always will be, an inalienable right. We staunchly believe that the affluence of health isn’t just reserved for some, but all.

This why we choose to channel our investments - knowledge, expertise, energy and capital - in exceptional, innovative solutions that bridge healthcare gaps across the world.

This is the greater wealth we will always protect and prosper for all.

We seek startups with the grit to become great – those who are in this for the long-run. We invest in teams who possess the clinical, technical and commercial competencies to realise their vision.

We are founders in partnership with fellow founders, working together from the ground-up to ensure our innovations will take flight


We partner with like-minded investors and organisations who are just as passionate about our cause. Those with the gift of foresight and who see the majestic forest within a humble seed.

We pursue partners who seek more than commercial returns, and who share our hope to positively change the world.


We are the fulcrum that balances the interests of our stakeholders: startups, investors, partner organisations, and the communities we serve.

We are creating the ecosystem where great minds meet and create real solutions. We provide the right support - be it capital or strategic guidance - to optimise an innovation's impact for good.

Meet the team behind the vision
Operator-investors who have all built startups, spent years in both healthcare and technology industries, and have extensive global networks
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